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Unleash & Return to your Primal Self

I’m a Sensuality and Feminine Leadership Expert, Creative Visionary & Performer. I work with women to help them unleash their deep, wild and primal Priestess Selves, taste the ecstasy of their power and bring their voices and work into the world through their life’s soul work + expression.

I’ve helped people around the world express their most amazing selves higher in expression, sensuality, creativity and spiritual connection.

Welcome to the beginning of your new journey in reclaiming your desire + pleasure. This is one of the initiatory rites of passage I have helped women around the globe step through.

Let me guide you through this gateway into your Mythic Self.

Let's journey Together

Reclaim. Embrace. Connect. Embody

Private Mentorships, Masterminds & Sisterhoods

Awaken to your Unleashed Brilliance in intimate sisterhood with other heart centred women. The Awakened Woman Mastermind + Virtual Sisterhood begin in March 2017. Book your Free Exploration Session Now to explore more.

Unify. Awaken. Embody


Many are the prophecies that foretell of a great new global era of healing, peace, love and harmony that will be characterized by equality for women in decision making and the upliftment of the divine feminine; – which is essential for balance, harmony and peace. Converging in Arizona, this event brings together Female Leaders // Visionaries // Innovators // Creatives // with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers and the Divine Masculine. It is the Awakening of Shakti.

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